My work spans industries and crosses channels.

Cross-channel solutions
// Identified new opportunities and developed digital prototypes that provided a major educational-non-profit with broader reach and allowed them to help underserved high school students identify higher education opportunities and access loans and other funding sources.
// Developed the initial functionality and design direction for a London-based digital fashion publication, while also driving expansion strategy and pitching for US-based funding.
// Creating digital tools for colleges and art museums that provided online access to art and arts resources, minimizing individual institutional spend and adding new product offers for an education-based non-profit.
// Redefined a loyalty program by doing ethnographic research to define the key needs of consumers - and delivering tools that helped create a long-term relationship across the customer experience, both online and in stores.
// Defining key "Moments that Matter" for a retailer looking to deliver an effective omnichannel experience that was on-brand and cutting edge.

Strategic or Internal Initiatives

// Evaluated joint venture opportunities for a US-based innovation organization looking to expand and partner in Europe.

// Refining a portfolio of a major CPG company to include new products, new occasions and new means for innovation around healthy products. Delivering communication materials to share the new direction with the Board and Wall Street during a major corporate overhaul.
// Developing branding, packaging, and positioning for multiple consumer brands at mass and speciality retail, including food, beauty and housewares.

// Exploring the future of in-car digital experiences and creating immersive environments to test and understand the benefits of hybrid engines.

A selection of clients includes: